What is the Learning Hub? 

The GRID3 Learning Hub is a Learning Management System (LMS), which is an online platform developed for education, training and collaboration. It provides a wide range of online learning resources utilizing different media to optimize your learning experience.   

How do I navigate the Learning Hub?   

Once you are logged in to the Learning Hub, consider the Dashboard to be your personal homepage, whether you are a Student or Trainer. You will find it at the top left corner of any page. The Dashboard lists all the courses in which you are enrolled and reports on how many are complete or incomplete. It also displays any Badges or Certificates you have been awarded.  

Training Catalog  
In the Learning Hub’s Training Catalog you will find a selection of Programs and Courses in which to enroll. Programs are designed by GRID3 to help you achieve a specific learning outcome, and combine a selection of Courses. You can, also, enroll in individual courses according to your own learning objectives. 

We have beginner and intermediate courses available and, while there are no restrictions on the courses in which you can enroll, we recommend the intermediate courses for those with prior learning and experience with QGIS. 

Screenshot of the course catalog page

Certificate of completion   
Certificates are provided for successful completion of selected courses. Currently, you can achieve a certificate of completion for all Programs and individual Intermediate Courses. The completion of Beginner Courses are not awarded certificates.   

Discussion forums   
LMS discussion forums provide an excellent opportunity to engage with trainers and other learners, by participating in discussions, sharing resources, or asking questions. The discussion forum should be your first place to ask questions about your courses.   

You will find links to discussion forums on each course page and program page:

Screenshot one of forum
Screenshot two of forum