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    Welcome to GRID3 training!

    Please proceed as follows:

    1. First and most importantly, you must enrol on this course
    2. Explore the sections Course Introduction, Learning Objectives and Outcomes, and Training Setup:
      read carefully through the instructions in these sections
    3. Introduce yourself in the Discussion Forum: you will find it in the Getting help section below; the discussion forum is open to enquiries on either training setup, or the subject matter
    4. Watch the course presentation video
    5. Work through coursework and assessments for Task 1 to 4:
        • Part 1 available now!
        • Part 2 available now!
        • Part 3 available now!
        • Part 4 available from 26 April

    6. Complete the feedback form, and download your certificate!
  • Instructions: Clicking on the section name will show / hide the section.

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