Please refer to the programme and course titles below, to determine which training data download you need.

  • Programme P1–ENG : Introduction to GIS for Population and Development Studies, using QGIS
    The following data file is required for the following courses: A003, A004, A005, B001, B002, B003, B005, B006, B009:

    Download data here  (file format: .zip  |  size: 325MB)

  • C001 : GIS support for microplanning in the health sector
    This course has two modules; each module requires a different data package: 

    Module 1 : Spatial data analyses using QGIS, to inform planning for health service provision
    Download data here  (file format: .zip  |  size: 333 MB)

    Module 2: Automated Map Production in QGIS: Microplanning Case Study
    Download data here  (file format: .zip  |  size: 1.3 MB)
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