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This course offers an introduction to GIS for population studies using QGIS– a learning pathway to using geospatial data and technologies for sustainable development.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dates: Currently closed. Stay tuned for next dates. 
  • Time commitment:  Approx. 24 hours over three weeks.
  • Format:  Self-paced online learning, with support from trainers and GRID3 learning community.
  • Certificate: Yes. Upon completion of all programmed courses
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Introduction aux SIG pour les études de population et de développement, à l'aide de QGIS

Un programme de formation en ligne ouvert de GRID3. Il s'agit d'une voie d'apprentissage pour utiliser les données et les technologies géospatiales pour le développement durable.
L'inscription à ce programme est maintenant OUVERTE. Cliquez ici pour vous inscrire

  • Coût : Gratuit!
  • Engagement de temps : environ 24 heures, sur une période de trois semaines
  • Format : Apprentissage à son propre rythme, avec le soutien de la communauté*
  • Certificats délivrés à la fin de tous les cours programmés
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This is an intermediate level training course from GRID3. The course is a learning pathway to using geospatial data and technologies to enhance microplanning procedures. The ultimate objective is to reach more people in need of immunisation or related health services.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dates: Currently closed. Stay tuned for next dates.
  • Time commitment:  approximately 4-8 hours, over three weeks
  • Format: self-paced, online training
  • Support: GRID3 trainers plus learner community
  • Certificate:  Awarded on successful completion
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This is an intermediate-level training course from GRID3. Course enrolment is now open. You are free to work through the course at your own pace. 

The course topic is data for GIS. It promotes a fundamental principle – that only through the careful critical assessment of data, and the practice of good data management, will you harness the maximum potential of your GIS investigations.

  • Cost: Free
  • Dates: Self-enrol from 31 March 2024
  • Time commitment:  5-6 hours
  • Format: Online, self-paced
  • Support: GRID3 trainers plus learner community
  • Certificate:  Awarded on successful completion

This course takes a broad look at the geospatial sector. Using accessible and non-technical language it addresses the question "What is a GIS, and what can this technology do for me?"

Who is it for?
It provides an important foundation to those who intend to progress to the practical GIS courses. However, it is also suitable as a stand-alone course for anyone looking at the big picture, wanting to know the potential gains and risks of developing geospatial capabilities.

Pre-requisites : None, other than a keen interest in Geospatial
Estimated learning time : 45 minutes
For more information: full course description PDF

In this section the aim is to break out of GIS theory and focus on how the technology is applied; specifically, how it makes a positive impact in people's lives. This page is an expanding library of case studies for your reference. It doesn't contain practical exercises. Check back regularly for new stories and relevant links from the Data for Development community.

Who is it for?
Anyone with an interest in the sector. It is particularly relevant for those working in government administration or NGOs, especially in health, education, population (census) or regional/national infrastructure.

Pre-requisites : None